Wrestling in the mud Marbella We have in Strippers Marbella a different activity  for your bachelor partis & stag party.

For groups who think they have seen it all we have our struggles in Marbella at hand.

Marbella mudwrestling & wrsteling in the mud Marbella, only for you !

We take care of everything so that you don’t worry about anything 

You can do the Marbella mudwrestling activity in private in your villa.

The wrestlers will carry the inflatable pool that they will ride together with the water chocolate to make a super fight between the 2 wrestlers and the stag!

Imagine the three of them together in a small pool rubbing against each other.

They will want to stand up all the time but the wrestling will make it very difficult for them!


The little bikini of the wrestlers with the passionate and fierce fight with the deer will not be able to stand for long to be in their place !

Don’t miss out on this great activity and have fun with your group.

It’s an activity that has it all with 2 beautiful wrestling girls.

The stag will be in the middle of the legs, hands and breasts of the wrestlers!

You must be a great wrestler to not end up underneath the two of them.


The whole group will be surrounding the inflatable pool cheering on the wrestlers while taking pictures for souvenirs.

Laugh about how stag is in so much trouble fighting these two super fitness fighters.

Enjoy and laugh in moments of the fight as one of the huge tits of the wrestlings impact on the face of the stag or that they end up sitting on top of it, the positive side is that in the end the wonderful wrestlings and chocolate sweeten the vibrant activity, fun and very physical contact.

  • Don’t hesitate to schedule this activity as one of those you can’t miss on your visit to Marbella

You can see and choose the two fighters just tell us the day, time and address.

We make everything very easy for you and once the activity is over we will come back to pick everything up.

You only have to worry about having a fun time.

We are the only official striptease agency in Marbella that guarantees you will contact us directly and get the best price without any other intermediaries.

wrestling in the mud Marbella
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